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Geordie Shore's Gaz And Charlotte - Back On?

Sexual tension between them steps up in this week’s end-of-season double bill…

After a series where they have managed to resist banging, Gaz and Charlotte are flirting again in the brand new episode of Geordie Shore, which airs tonight at 10pm on MTV.

Part of a season-finale double bill, the rest of the house start to notice that the chemistry between them is back when Charlotte gets jealous of Gaz defending Sophie while the group are out clubbing.

Sophie admits, “I’m starting to see Gary and Charlotte flirting again and I’m worried cause I don’t know which way it will go.”

Gaz says that Charlotte is “really special” to him, but admits that he has to be careful because he doesn’t want to hurt her.

In episode one, Gaz warned off fellow house member Dan about cracking onto Charlotte, while she ended up getting dumped by her then boyfriend for crawling into Gary’s bed after a late-night drinking session.

But with the addition of new housemate Scotty-T and the formation of ‘The Buck Squad’, Gaz showed no signs of slowing down on his quest to bang every girl in Newcastle, leaving little chance of anything happening with Charlotte.

And he doesn’t seem to have changed his ways in the latest episode, saying “The words Gaz and dates don’t ever really go in the same sentence.”

“You might as well skip the bullsh*t, go home and do what you’se both wanna do and just bang.”

Clearly confused by Gary’s behaviour, Charlotte says, “every time I think me and Gary have moved on we go right back to square f**king one.”

“Something is there between me and Gary, the longer we spend together the harder it gets,” she says.

So will Gaz and Charlotte give in to temptation once more? Is a bucking reunion on the cards?

Or will Charlotte and Gaz end the series with another screaming match?

Find out if they fall back into old habits in the end-of-season, double bill special of Geordie Shore at 10pm tonight (Tuesday December 18) - only on MTV.