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Geordie Shore's Gaz Cautioned After Club Brawl

He was arrested after the scrap but will face no further action...

Geordie Shore star Gaz has assured his fans he will be on his best behaviour after being cautioned by police following a nightclub brawl.
According to The Sun, Gaz - full name Gary Beadle - lashed out at a nightclubber in Penrith, Cumbria after they threw a glass at him during a personal appearance, where the other man suffered minor injuries. 
The North-East lothario was then arrested and cautioned by cops, with the tabloid adding Gaz will face no further action.
In a statement about the incident, Beadle said: "I’ve attended over 300 personal appearances around the UK and on this unfortunate occasion a confrontation between myself and a patron occurred. I’ll ensure nothing like this happens again.”
Beadle previously opened up about his life outside the Geordie Shore house in an exclusive interview with MTV, saying: "I hate the word celebrity. To me, Beckham is famous and Brad Pitt is a celebrity. 
"I'm a p*sshead on TV, I'm not a celebrity… i have no idea where I'm going to be next week, never mind in five years."
He added: "In ten years I'd love to still have all these successful businesses, but I'm just going to carry on getting smashed and pulling birds and see where I end up."