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Geordie Shore's Gaz On Charlotte: "I Love Her To Bits"

The Bucking Squad member sheds some light on their relationship...

Geordie Shore star Gaz has opened up about his feelings for on-again-off-again squeeze – and co-star – Charlotte, revealing that while they both “love” each other, it’s not necessarily the same kind of love.

At the end of series four we saw Gaz and Charlotte lock lips as they left the house, fuelling speculation that they may try and make a go of their relationship.

However, when MTV Australia caught up with the North-East hunk during his trip to Sydney last month, he seemed to play down any idea of a romance with Charlotte.

Gaz explained: "Obviously I care about her and I love her to bits. But I love her as a person, and she loves me as in ‘love,’ you know what I mean?

“Say you split up with your boyfriend, and you had to live with him though. You’ve still got feelings for him, and then you see him strolling in with a girl!

"You’d be like ‘What are you doing!?’ and he’d be like ‘We’re not together! I’m with another girl!’ There’s only so long before you kick off, so in that respect I don’t blame Charlotte for kicking off [at me].”

“It’s hard. The whole thing’s backwards - it’s like, when I first met her, I moved in with her! It wasn’t like dates and this and that and then eventually moving in together - we live together!”

Despite having their ups and downs, Gaz went on to tease that we can expect to see a more mature side of Charlotte in the forthcoming fifth series.

He revealed: "In the next season you’ll see Charlotte says a few things to us. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever heard Charlotte speaking from her heart, having a conversation without pretending…

"I’ve never heard her just sit down and be honest about her feelings. And in the new season you see that. I think that’s going to be a massive shock to everyone, like, ‘Whoa, they’re actually having an adult conversation! So that was weird for me, it was a bit emotional!”