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Geordie Shore's Holly 'Couldn't Give A F**k About James'

However, she hasn't ruled out a chance of romance with Scott...

It seems Geordie Shore star Holly may finally be moving on from James, with our favourite red-head revealing she "couldn't give a f**k" about him now they're out of the house.

However, what with the Geordies set to return for a fifth series next month, Holly teased that her feelings for James may return as living so closely with nine people "you just start to like someone".

She said in our exclusive catch up: "Last series I admitted that I stilled liked him and it was going to take me time to get over him.

"So obviously for him to come back into the house with a girlfriend and for me to have to watch that – it was hard. But now I just feel like I've had time to get over it. It was never meant to be."

Holly went on to add that while James may have given her the cold shoulder, she can still turn to Scott for some 'bucking'.

The Geordie babe explained: "I would say never say never on the whole me bucking Scott thing. Watch this space…"

Series five of Geordie Shore - which sees the cast hit various stag and hen party locations in Europe  - will hit MTV at 10pm on February 19.