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Geordie Shore's Jay Back For Series 6! 

Guess who's back! Dad of the house Jay rejoins the cast Down Under...

Hot off the departure of Geordie Shore boys Ricci and Dan, MTV are delighted to announce that original alpha male Jay Gardner is packing his sunnies, and leaving the hallowed turf of Newcastle to join his second family Australia for a couple of weeks in the sun.

He will be heading Down Under to stay in the gangs luxury pad in Sydney and get mortal with his fellow Geordies as they show the Aussies how to party. 

Jay was loved by a legion of fans not only for his perfectly manicured eyebrows but also being the father figure of the house, looking after the girls and settling any arguments that kicked off.

No doubt he will settle back into his old routine in no time. One person who might not be too pleased to see Jay again is former flame Vicky - especially now Jay has replaced ex fiancé Ricci!

Jay is pumped up and ready to get back to the show he knows and loves, stating: "Wow Series 6 in Oz…so excited…can’t wait to surprise everyone in the house when they hear the doorbell to find out it’s me JAY!

"I can’t wait to catch up with the lad’s in Australia, especially my mate Gaz, and see what this Scotty guy is really all about! Will be great catching up with the girls in the house too, I just hope that there’s less drama this time than Cancun!"

Since being away, Jay has fought in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) competitions and has a video blog for Sky Tyne & Wear.

Jay will be reunited with Charlotte, Vicky, Sophie, Holly, James, Gaz and Scott for Geordie Shore Series 6 in Australia, which will hit MTV this Summer!

If you can’t wait for then, catch the last episode of Geordie Shore Series 5 tonight (April 9) only on MTV.