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Geordie Shore's Marnie Causes Gaz & Scott Rift

SPOILER ALERT: Jay returns to fix the family as Scott & Gaz clash...

A total family breakdown is on the cards in this week’s episode of Geordie Shore (October 8) as Marnie ‘the minx’ uses her sexual prowess to get between Gaz and Scott, causing a major house argument. 

Gaz and Marnie are sent to host a Geordie Tours bar crawl, with Marnie promising things are going to get messy and Gaz revealing he's "actually scared what might happen."

Deciding the frisky pair can't be trusted, Holly and Charlotte spy on the duo at work. 

Gaz and Marnie get mortal and are all over each other, calling into question Gaz's loyalty to best friend in the house of Scott, with Marnie admitting: "I'm so so drunk I can't even see and the only thing that I can think of is how much I wanna kiss Gary."

Shocked by what she sees, Charlotte says: “It’s like she’s got no conscience. She’s like this robot that’s been put on this flirt mode and doesn’t care about who she hurts along the way.”

Things kick off when Marnie and Gaz later join the gang at another bar with a conversation between Gaz and Charlotte quickly escalating into a showdown and a full-blown catfight between Holly and Marnie.

With the Geordie house morale at an all-time low, the gang's spirits are lifted when former daddy of the group, Jay Gardner, makes another surprise return. 

Holly says: “Everyone knows that when Jay comes back, he just makes us feel like a family again.

"He knows what to say to everyone, he gives everyone advice and he leaves and everyone’s happy again.”

Will Gaz and Scott put their friendship before Marnie? Find out in brand new Geordie Shore Tuesday 8 October at 10pm - only on MTV!