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Geordie Shore’s Scott On Marnie’s “Games”

EXCLUSIVE! The 'Buck Squad' star reveals “she wouldn’t put out on telly”...

In last night’s (October 1) mortal-fuelled episode of Geordie Shore, the Scotty-T and Marnie love affair took another twist when Marnie 'the minx’ pulled Scott’s mate and jumped into bed with Gaz and another lass!
The shocking escapades were made all the more scandalous by the fact the pair had made a “pinky promise” not to pull anyone else during Holly’s 21st birthday bash.
Speaking exclusively to MTV News UK, Scotty-T told us that he doesn’t consider Marnie to be girlfriend material, explaining: “She messes with you too much, she plays loads of games and tries to make you jealous.”

After hearing about Marnie and his mate Kieran necking on, Scott hit the roof, almost coming to blows with his friend and ending the evening by storming out the house for the second week in a row.
In spite of the incident however, it wasn’t long before Scott and Marnie jumped back into bed together, with Marnie using her female charm to win Scott over.
But despite Marnie’s provocative behavior, which also included her getting frisky with some girls in the hot tub, Scott went on to reveal that the pair never actually slept together during the filming of the show, revealing:
“I would have liked to have b**ged her like but I didn’t, she wouldn’t put out on telly!"
Tune in to next week’s episode, Tuesday October 8 at 10pm, when the tension in the Geordie Shore house comes to an all time climax – only on MTV!