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Greg Quits Geordie Shore!

Snakers Lakers has told MTV he won't appear in the second series…

Greg Lake, one of the stars of MTV's smash hit show Geordie Shore, has decided to quit the show rather than return to the house for a second season.

A source close to Snakers Lakers claims that Greg was uncomfortable keeping up with with the antics of his fellow male housemates - James Tindale, Gaz Beadle and Jay Gardner - whose adventures involved boozing, brawling and bedding a whole host of women.

The insider told the Daily Star: "Greg didn't really know how the show was going to pan out. But the longer he stayed, the more it became a boozy sex fest and that's not really his style.

"Everyone joked that because he is such a gent with the girls, he should have signed up for 'Downton Abbey'. He has told the producers that he thought it was better for him to leave."

There's no hard feelings however, with the source reporting, "MTV still like him and hope he can work with them in the future."

Geordie Shore returns to MTV in January 2012 - we can't wait to see who's going to take Greg's place in the house!