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Ricci Leaves The Geordie Shore House!

The Italian stallion says his relationship must come first…

After meeting up with Vicky to discuss their relationship in last night’s episode (Wednesday December 13), Ricci decided to leave the Geordie Shore house - telling the rest of the gang that living there together was ruining their relationship.

After his meet up with Vicky seemed to leave matters unresolved, Ricci rocked up at the house, with the gang assuming he would be back to stay, but instead he broke the news that he had decided not to return.

“I love you all to bits and me being in this house and the relationship as well it’s just not right,” he told the Geordies.

“You are like brothers and sisters to us. I can’t put me and her through this anymore,” he added.

As the housemates gathered round, Ricci explained to them, “Mine and Vicky’s relationship is a lot more important than anything else in this world.”

Finally he said, “I’m gonna leave and I don’t know whether I’ll come back.”

Vicky said the news hit her and the other housemates like “a ton of f**king bricks”.

The housemates agreed that they would miss Ricci but that it was the right thing to do in order to save his relationship with Vicky.

However Vicky was clearly gutted by Ricci’s decision, saying “I can’t believe that Ricci’s left and I wish we was still in the house together.

“I don’t know how I’m gonna do any of this without him”

Tune in for The Geordie Shore season finale double bill next Tuesday from 10pm to find out what happens next - only on MTV.