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HAIM's Bass Ace Este Crowd Surfs At iTunes Festival!

REVIEW: LA sisters return to Camden's Roundhouse as headliners...

One year on after supporting Ellie Goulding at iTunes, band of the summer HAIM were back at the Roundhouse and are well on their way to becoming a family rock act to rival Kings Of Leon.

Their first album Days Are Gone is finally released in just over a week's time and on tonight's evidence we're sure it'll prove to be worth the wait.

Look: Frontwoman Danielle (24) rocks a sleeveless leather jacket, bassist Este (27) is in a little black dress and baby HAIM herself Alana (21) is wearing a white tee with her trademark tiny shorts.

Visuals are limited except for Forever, where home video footage of the girls as babies and kids show them having fun in the snow and jumping into swimming pools. Then it switches to a graphic of the LA sisters all grown-up, dancing and smiling in front of a rippling Union Jack.

Tunes: Falling, The WireDon't Save Me and Forever are undeniably great songs. Honey & I, Go Slow and Let Me Go – which also feature on their long-awaited debut LP – are loved by fans in the Roundhouse.

Banter: HAIM have bags of it. And the LA sisters love bags of sweets.

When Este heard a fan shout 'chocolate caramel', she begged the crowd for some sugar. After their Glastonbury triumph in June, diabetic Este admitted she "almost died" during their Pyramid Stage performance when her arms went numb and nearly passed out mid-track, so thankfully tonight she was chucked a big bag of Jelly Tots in case she hadn't eaten again. "Delicious!" was the verdict of HAIM's blonde bass ace, but she soon agreed with Alana that nothing is better than Percy Pigs.

Before they started jamming, Danielle asked us to imagine we were in their living room in LA. Describing it, Este revealed there's a painting of their mum as a 3-year-old holding a bear, three sets of drums for drum battles and her Sony Discman from sixth grade that "probably still has a Chumbawamba CD still in it". Without hesitation, she then starts singing Tubthumping to Danielle and laughs out loud.

Sweat Factor: "It's getting f**king hot in here Roundhouse!" yelled Este straight after set opener Falling. Like her youngest sister Alana, she had to whip off her leather jacket before the start of their second song. It wasn't a sweat fest, but if you hadn't sprayed Impulse under your arms you'd be in a bit of bother.

Summary: After ending Let Me Go and their headline performance with an epic drum-off, Este can't resist running to the front row and diving into the iTunes crowd! Her dress rides up to reveal her black undercrackers but what's brilliant is she doesn't give a Jelly Tot.

MTV Brand New For 2013 nominees and tipped for the top by every music critic since, festival season favourites, signed to Jay Z's Roc Nation management and too busy finishing their own record to sing on Arctic Monkeys' new album – if this band don't become indie rock superstars then something's not right.

We wish the HAIM girls were our sisters.

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HAIM setlist:

The Wire
Oh Well
Honey & I
Go Slow
Send Me Down
Don't Save Me

Better Off
Let Me Go

Pictures © iTunes Festival