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Helen Flanagan Accuses The Sun Of 'Bullying' Over Gun Pic

Corrie star causes controversy by tweeting the snap after the Newtown shootings...

Actress Helen Flanagan has accused The Sun newspaper of bullying after the tabloid displayed a photo of her with a gun on its front page and called her 'Brainless' in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

The I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! babe sparked controversy after retweeting the snap on Monday (17th December), which shows her posing in a black, lacy bra while holding a gun to her head.

The pic was accompanied with the caption: "Head f**k."

Flanagan has since hit out at the newspaper after they put the image on today's front page, accompanied with quotes from residents mourning the victims of last Friday's massacre (14th December), where six adults and 20 children were shot dead.

Newtown resident Garrett Gloss was quoted by The Sun as saying: "This is plain wrong. You can't do this. It looks like she is just trying to get her name out there."

The upset 22-year old has since tweeted: "I am absolutely disgusted in this. Completely cruel. I will absolutely NOT stand for this kind of bullying (sic).

"Anyone who knows me knows I have the biggest heart.... I feel really chocked up that's so cruel.

"Honestly I've got tears streaming down my face how can you do that to someone over something so tragic #feelsick can't believe I woke up to that."

She later added: "I've just been crying to my bf before he left for work.... Now I am just absolutely livid. I am really worried about my mum."

The image of Helen has since been removed from her Twitter page.

Pic: Twitter @helenflanagan1