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50 Cent Pimps Up I Want My MTV Ibiza!

Check out all the action from Fiddy's first gig on the party island here...

50 Cent crashed onto the White Isle last night for I Want My MTV Ibiza’s seventh show at super-club, Amnesia – his first ever performance on the prestigious party island.

Following a banging set from Shortee Blitz, Fiddy bounded out on stage with fellow G-Unit member Tony Yayo sending the Amnesia crowd wild.

Dressed in a white jacket and his trademark hat, Cent launched an attack on the ear drums of every partygoer, who had eagerly awaited his arrival for almost four hours.

Opening with the appropriately entitled Invitation, Fiddy – real name Curtis Jackson – invited the audience into his world of old school hip hop and classic rap, as he powered his way through hits such as I Get Money, Gangsta, and one of his most recent smashes, Baby By Me, which was well received by the Amnesia revellers.

Jackson followed this up with Down On Me, and Ayo Technology – and despite the absence of his collaborator Justin Timberlake, the crowd helped Fiddy by singing along to the infectious tune.

Cent then addressed the crowd, stating: “Where all the ladies at” before hitting them with the familiar chimes of P.I.M.P – transforming into his womanising alter-ego and sending the ladies mad with excitement as he threw his white trilby into the masses.

After a quick change of outfit which was filled by the rapping talents of Mr. Yayo, Cent arrived back on stage to greet his adoring audience, taking them back in time with Disco Inferno, Lil Bit and highly anticipated tune Candy Shop – which sounded as fresh as ever after being performed live by Fiddy for the first time in Ibiza.

Arguably the most popular track on the night, 50 Cent brought the mellow sounds of 21 Questions to Amnesia, sending the thousands of partygoers into a singing frenzy.

Fiddy then had one more surprise up his sleeve as he performed an impressive version of legend Bob Marley’s Is This Love, before launching into So Seductive – throwing his towel into the audience and giving one lucky member of the crowd a permanent memory of their time with Curtis Jackson.

Despite playing some of his biggest tunes, there was still one more song Amnesia was waiting to hear, as Cent finally played his massive track, In Da Club, as the familiar chant “Go shorty, it’s your birthday” bounced off the walls and echoed around the entire venue.

As 50 Cent left the stage, each and every person was left with a lasting reminder of Fiddy’s first ever show on the White Isle…and we don’t just mean the lucky person who got to keep his P.I.M.P hat.

By Joanne Dorken


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