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Plastikman Lights Up Ibiza's Amnesia

Richie Hawtin’s dance project took over the White Isle...

The main room in Amnesia was packed. Fit to burst with suntanned clubbers and excitement. Dry ice filled the front of the stage. The lights went down to a collective cheer. The time was nigh. Through the clouds of smoke flashed a menacing light and the superclub’s PA started pumping out gut-bending beats and bass as Plastikman powered into life.

Somewhere deep inside the colossal light display was Plastikman brainchild and techno legend, Richie Hawtin. At the controls he quickly fired the crowd into a 

sea of arms and sweat as he played Plastikman’s brand of dark abstract techno.

It was the first time the superstar DJ has taken the Plastikman Live show on the road and after this spectacle it surely won’t be the last. The impressive visuals being debuted tonight helped mark the occasion as something very special.

Classics like Plasticine and Spastik nearly blew the club’s roof off and had the audience dancing until the early hours. This was not a night of chill out music for which the White Isle is so famous. It was heavy, loud and loved by the crowd who were here to dance.