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James Bond Producers: 'We'll Get Sam Mendes Back'

Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson confident of future collaboration...

The producers of the James Bond movie franchise are reported to have said they are confident of luring Sam Mendes back to direct a future instalment.

The award-winning Skyfall director recently revealed that he'd taken the difficult decision to turn down an offer to direct the next movie in the 007 series.

But Barbara Broccoli has apparently told Getty Images Entertainment: "We will get him back. We haven't given up hope. Maybe not for the next [movie], but we will get him back again."

And her co-producer Michael G Wilson added: "We are working on him. [With all these awards] we hope that maybe he will have gotten inspired to come back."

Meanwhile Danny Boyle is the latest high-profile director tipped to replace Mendes in the director's chair for Bond 24.

According to The Sun, he was seen chatting with Broccoli at the Empire Awards on Sunday - and Wilson is quoted as saying: "He certainly could be a Bond director."