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Jay Sean Wants To Work With Jay-Z & Beyonce

He talks to MTV's The Wrap Up…

Jay Sean has told MTV he’d love to work with Jay-Z and Beyonce in the future.

Speaking to our urban blog The Wrap Up the down star revealing all about his dream collaboration.
He said: “Jay Z and Beyonce are the ultimate, I know that’s being extremely greedy because one of them would be enough but you’ve got to dream.
“I asked Jay-Z last time I saw him "I was like come on man lets do this, me, you and B and he was like yeah ok…..maybe one day. He knew I was taking the mickey.”
The West London boy was also asked he’d ever go back to rapping or if he’ll stick to singing.
Jay said: “Probably not, just because I don’t want to confuse people, I don’t want people asking, "is he a singer, is he a rapper, what is he because he definitely isn’t grime" and all that. The only time I ever rap is when I get a little drunk and then I’ll do a little freestyle!”