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Jersey Shore's Snooki Suffered From Anorexia & Bulimia

The MTV star dropped to 80lbs due to worrying about her weight.

Jersey Shore star Snooki has told US magazine OK! about her battle with anorexia.
The 4’9” reality star revealed how she barely ate meals other than lunch, which consisted of just salads. “I would go into the nurse’s office every day and I would weigh myself,” she told the mag. “When the school nurse realised that I hit 80lbs she was like ‘This isn’t good’.”
Snooki, 22, believes she fell victim to eating disorders because she compared herself to the younger, thinner cheerleaders at her school but overcame her weight obsession after her school told her parents about her eating habits.
“My parents told me ‘You need to eat, this is very dangerous’,” she said.
“So I gained my weight back to like 98lbs, where I always was. I think I just realised that having a problem – an eating disorder – it’s not healthy and you can actually die from that.
I realised it’s not worth it and you just need to be healthy.”