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Snooki Unveils First Snaps Of Baby Lorenzo!

Check out the pic of the Jersey Shore star and her newborn son right here...

Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi has introduced her son Lorenzo Dominic to the world, with the new mum and her little meatball gracing the cover of People magazine.

The Jersey Shore star, who gave birth on 26th August, posed for a series of snaps with Lorenzo as she leaves her wild ways behind her to be a mum.

Speaking to the magazine with her fiancé Jionni LaValle, Snooki said: "It's a different kind of love that I never felt before."

Polizzi also claimed that having a baby has made her grow-up, explaining: "When I got pregnant, everything changed. The partying is long gone. I'm a new person."

The 24-year old also previously said of motherhood: "Being a mum is an amazing feeling! I love my little man to death! Jionni is such a cute dad."

Snooki is set to star in the final season of Jersey Shore, which starts this autumn only on MTV.