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Jessie J: "I’m So Sorry Katy, Health Has To Come First" 

EXCLUSIVE | Jessie tells us about scrapping her Katy Perry tour plans...

Jessie J has exclusively spoken to MTV News about her decision to pull out of Katy Perry's California Dreams tour, stating that her "health has to come first."

As we previously reported, the Price Tag hitmaker was forced to scrap a stint supporting Perry on the North American leg of her tour, while she recovers from a bone transplant in her foot. Ellie Goulding has since been announced as her replacement.

We caught up with Jessie at the launch of Glaceau Vitamin Water’s 2012 Olympics ‘Flavour Creator’ project, where she revealed her disappointment at having to leave her dreams of touring with Katy Perry behind her.

The Essex girl explained: "I was so honoured for her to ask me to support her on the last leg of her amazing show. I saw it when I was in Australia. But sadly I went to see my doctor and he has advised me that if I do the diary - including the Katy Perry tour - that I won’t heal 110%. So unfortunately, as much as it breaks my heart to say it, I’ve had to pull out of the Katy Perry tour."

She continued: "Health has to come first. I’m so sorry Katy. Please let us sing I Kissed A Girl dressed as cupcakes one day! You know what, as I’ve always said, everything happens for a reason. I may be looking for a reason for this for longer than most things, but I’ve learned a lot about myself, and I think I’ve just realised you can’t take anything for granted. And maybe the shoes I wore were a bit crazy. It wasn’t the best time, and it still isn’t."

Speaking further about her painful injury, Jessie - real name Jessica Cornish - admitted: "It’s really tough... I almost feel a bit like a broken super hero; it’s like you kind of want to go out and take the world by storm, and my heels are my comfort blanket, and to know that I may never wear them again really breaks my heart."

She added: "So you know, everything happens for a reason - I can still sing, I still have an amazing fanbase, I’ve still been nominated for incredible awards. You know, I’m excited about making music in the future, and if I can’t wear heels, then that’s a very small, minor thing in the prospect of what’s going to happen in my life."

For more information about Jessie J’s role in encouraging Britain to co-create a new limited edition flavour of the Olympic Games, check out the Facebook application here!

By Joanne Dorken