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Joaquin Phoenix In Bizarre Brawl

This has gotta be one massive hoax, right?

The world of Joaquin Phoenix took another weird turn yesterday when he got into a fight as he played a hip hop gig in Miami.

The actor-turned-rapper was performing and ended up in a brawl with a member of the audience.
Joaquin screamed at the ‘fan’: “I've got millions of dollars in my f**king bank account, what do you got b**ch?”
During the fight the crowd reportedly chanted his name before he was pulled off by security.
There is increasing speculation that the Gladiator star's recent behaviour is a hoax and will end up as a film or TV show.
Actor Casey- brother of Ben- Affleck has been spotted filming Joaquin at various events including last night’s gig.
Last month bearded Phoenix appeared on David Letterman’s chatshow and mumbled brief responses.
He also appeared to forget that he co-stars in new film Two Lovers with actress Gwyneth Paltrow.