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John Newman Would Work With One Direction 

EXCLUSIVE! No.1 artist also praises TV talent shows for finding new talent...

Chart-topping artist John Newman has confessed to MTV News UK that he would like to work with One Direction if the opportunity came up.
When asked whether he would ever consider a collaboration with 1D, Newman - who scored his first solo No.1 with Love Me Again on Sunday's chart (July 7) -  told us: "Yeah… As a producer, I want everything to have a tinge of me so people will know, 'Oh that must have been a John Newman track'.
"So definitely, if the opportunity is there, I would work with anybody that I fully appreciate and I think is amazing."
Seeing as 1D have enjoyed huge success off the back of The X Factor, Newman went on to praise TV talent shows for recognising new artists saying: "I think the marketing ideas behind it is absolutely genius and it's worked really well for people who’ve done it.
"Regarding the artists, it's good because some artists don’t get recognised and it's nice for people to be able to help. I think it is definitely a good thing, to get more people on the market that maybe wouldn’t do or wouldn’t have the confidence to do everything themselves."
While on the subject of pop music, Newman went on to admit that he 'studied' PSY's hit single Gangnam Style in a bid to work out why it was so successful.
He explained: "I really appreciate listening to pop music, studying pop music and what modern artists do. Like Gangnam Style and see why these things are so successful - what people like about these tracks that makes it go so mental and I still can’t work it out."
By Joanne Dorken @mtvuknews
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