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JoJo Releases New Free Mixtape

Find out how you can download it here...

R&B singer JoJo is set to release a free mixtape this week called Can’t Take That Away From Me, and has said that she feels happy as she was able to do things that she might not have been able to do with a regular album release.

She told “This mixtape is more experimental. I was able to do some things that were more soulful, incorporate live instruments, and say things that I wouldn’t normally say on an album. I was just able to take more of a risk. It is all over the place, just like me.”


1. Can’t Take That Away From Me
2. Running On Empty
3. Pretty Please
4. Why Didn’t You Call
5. Just a Dream
6. When Does It Go Away featuring Travis Garland
7. My Time Is Money
8. What You Like featuring Jordan Gatsby
9. In the Dark
10. Boy Without A Heart
11. All I Want Is Everything

You can download the Can’t Take That Away From Me mixtape here.