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Jonas Brothers: “Russell Brand Needs A Hug”

MTV NEWS EXCLUSIVE | The boys speak to us about the VMAs and Britney Spears at the Camp Rock premiere

The Jonas Brothers have spoken exclusively to MTV News about Russell Brands comments at the Video Music Awards.

The British comic made jokes about the Disney stars purity rings during our ceremony on Sunday night. Nick Jonas said: I dont know if there is really a positive (to come out of Russells comments)- he was kind of running out of material after a little while.

And when our presenter Laura asked if the brothers had a message for Russell Joe said:

Id give him a hug. I think he needs a hug!

Talking to us at the Camp Rock premiere in London the boys also talked about meeting celebs backstage at the VMAs.

Joe revealed: We met a lot of people there- we met Britney Spears and she was incredible!

Kevin added (sincerely): It was an honour to lose to her as well.