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Heidi Montag 'Attempts To Woo' Justin Bieber?

As Kim Kardashian claims her flirting with Justin is 'harmless'...

The Hillsstar Heidi Montag has publicly 'made a move' on 16-year old Justin Bieber.

The Spencer Pratt a few weeks ago tweeted: "@justinbieber Now that Kim Kardashian and the reality TV star has since claimed that her flirting with Bieber is 'harmless.'

As we previously reported, people in Camp Bieber are said to have slammed a Kim K ban on the youngster, but a source has told heat magazine that Kardashian means no harm.

The insider stated: "Kim thinks Justin is just adorable. They have a really innocent flirtation going on, which she thinks is sweet and harmless."


"Kim likes to joke around with him a lot. She'll ask him if he's cheating on her, stuff like that. She knows Justin takes it more seriously but she would never do anything to embarrass him or make him feel stupid.

"She remembers what it was like to be 16 and have a crush on someone older. Justin tries to act like a 'man' when he texts or talks to her."

They added: "She's flattered and she pretends to take him seriously. At that photoshoot when he was holding her hand in the water, he was thinking he was the man. He's got it bad."