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Model Cailin Russo Talks About Kissing Justin Bieber

Russo starred in the video for 'All That Matters'...

19-year old Justin Bieberin his latest music video, All That Matters.

The LA-based model had no idea when she auditioned for the role that she’d be co-starring alongside the singing superstar. “I got the call sheet the night before the shoot and my jaw dropped when I saw that it said my name and Justin Bieber's only,” Cailin told Cosmopolitan.

Even when she turned up on set she had no idea what she would be doing with Justin. “I didn't know what was going to happen because the song is super romantic, and since the shoot was set up a certain way, I didn't even know if we would be shooting together. But the first take was us kissing!” 

And revealing what it was like to lock lips with the Biebs, Cailin said, “kissing him was nice”. It helped that he “smelled really nice, like cologne” and his breath “was really fresh all day.”

Despite his edgy reputation, the video star found Justin to be a complete gentleman. “He was humble. He didn't try to be all flashy and he wasn't like check out my guns or my six pack. He was down to earth on the shoot and he was so nice to everyone.”

One person who probably wasn’t so happy with the video was the Justin’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. Last week Selena posted a make-up free selfie on Instagram with the caption, “I thought he only liked the Latina category,” apparently referring to her former boyfriend.

Cailin responded to the possible dig by saying, “Selena is a superstar and I'm just a girl in a video… I'm sure there might be bitterness, but I was just doing my job.”

It probably hasn’t helped that Justin has kept in touch with the pretty blonde since the video shoot, texting and even Facetiming. “We don't do it a lot, just now and then,” explained Cailin.

But Selena has nothing to worry about as the model assured Cosmo that she and Justin are just firm friends. “We're homies. We'll hang out when he's around and I would love to possibly write music with him someday.”

Image: © Instagram / JustinBieber