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Kasabian’s Serge: ‘I Party Harder Now I’m A Dad!’

EXCLUSIVE! Guitar hero also talks about the sound of new album...

Kasabian star Serge Pizzorno has admitted he parties harder since becoming a father.


Serge has a two-year-old son called Ennio and – as revealed to MTV News when we interviewed Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan at Snowbombing Festival – his girlfriend Amy is pregnant with their second child.
So when we asked the guitarist how fatherhood has affected his rock and roll lifestyle, Serge told us the band’s partying on tour has become “more wild”.
“Since I've become a dad I'm worse now,” he said, smiling.
“When you’re at home it’s Peppa Pig time, so when you’re out on tour it’s like we’re 18. I think it’s gone more wild!”
Serge continued: “You get one chance don't you – what are you gonna do?! How depressed would you be if you found out we came backstage and went on eBay or some s**t like that? You wanna know we're enjoying every single minute of it.”
With work underway on Kasabian’s fifth studio album, their chief songwriter teased us about its heavier sound.
“I want to put rock and roll to the sword – I’m looking for the future sound of rock,” revealed the 32-year-old, who is “always tinkering” in his recording studio at home.
“I love guitars but I wanna destroy guitars as well. Don’t worry I’m not talking about going on the dubstep wagon, I just want to harness the power of when you go to see The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers or Rage Against the Machine and you leave reborn.
“When the album turns on you won't ever want to stop it – that’s what I want.”

Ben Lowe @mtvuknews

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