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Katy Perry 'Couldn't Afford Make Up'

The singer claims she was so broke, she couldn't buy cosmetics...

Katy Perry may currently enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of an international pop star but the singer has revealed how she was once 'too poor' to afford make-up.

The I Kissed A Girl pop princess who is used to being pampered and preened on a regular basis has confessed that even though she was broke, she still had a great sense of style.

Perry told Lucky magazine: "I was completely broke. I used to borrow outfits, get my make-up done at make-up counters, and then sneak into events. It was cool! I seemed to be wearing things right."

Despite still being a fashion icon, Katy also revealed how as a teenager, she suffered from bad acne.

Russell Brand's future wife claimed: "I just wanted to hide… It was an amazing blessing to have clear skin."

The Hot N Cold hitmaker, who is due to wed Brand in India later this year has reportedly just signed a secret skincare advertising deal.