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Katy Perry Goes Nude At Trevor Project Event!

Star opts for revealing sparkly dress as she receives top honour...

Katy Perry showed off her trademark curves in a skin-tight sequinned nude frock at an event honouring her work for empowering gay youths in Los Angeles last night (2nd December).

K-Pez dazzled on the red carpet at the Trevor Project event, held at the Hollywood Palladium, where she received the Trevor Hero Award.

Each year the charity - which focuses on suicide prevention among the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community - selects a celeb to take home the accolade, with Perry 2012's pick.

Explaining why Katy was selected, Trevor Project CEO Abbe Land is quoted by The Sun as saying: "We're honouring her because, really, she has done so much to empower youth.

"A couple of years ago when, unfortunately, a lot of young suicides made the news - and there was a very visible presence of suicide - Katy stepped up and was out there in the community, speaking against it.

"Her support of marriage equality -- and equality for everyone, really - is one of the many reasons we're supporting her as our hero this year." "Her song Firework is all about empowering youth to just be who they are, and that's what we try to do when a young person reaches out to us.

"We are there to say, 'The way you are is perfect. Just be the way you are.'"

While Perry's beau John Mayer was absent from the event, the likes of Anna Kendrick and Avatar actress Zoe Saldana were in attendance.

Katy also hit the headlines last week after confessing to OK! magazine that she often wears Spanx in order to slip herself into her tight-fitting latex outfits, stating: "I think every woman does stuff like that anyways, all the time.

“I think one of my favourite moments is seeing like a hot girl dancing in a club, and then accidentally seeing her Spanx. People don’t want to look up — they want to look across at someone."

She added: "They want to feel like ‘Hey, that’s my girl. I relate to your song. Maybe I felt something like that, but I didn’t have the words to capture that moment like the Katy Perry song.’”