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Katy Perry's Got A New Badass Perfume Trailer

Check out K-Pez going ninja in her new animated trailer right here...

Katy Perry's definitely kicking the door open for her new badass girl power image. Her ad for new perfume, Killer Queen's Royal Revolution is a medieval-feminist storyline that's both funny and fierce, and sees cartoon Katy going H.A.M with her pefrume in hand.

The two minute long video sees K-Pez step into medieval knight in shining armour attire, (complete with a sword), to save some damsels in distress from a king who wants to turn them all into robots.

 Featuring some Game Of Thrones-style backing music and a  tip of the head to Conchita Wurst (to see is to believe) , the video is probably the most non-Katy Perry thing that Katy Perry has ever done. 

Katy Perry - Birthday