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Kesha Working On New Music, "Definitely Not Toned Down" 

Animals, just in case you were worried that Kesha had been tamed, she assures us her new music is "trippy"...

Kesha has revealed that she hasn't toned down her music since leaving rehab.

MTV News - MTV News: Kesha

"I've been working on some new music and it's really fun and really different," said the pink-haired singer on the set of her new TV talent show, Rising Star. 

"It can borderline on trippy, a little different, I think people are going to trip out," she continued.

"One song is about being madly in love, and just so sweet, and then telling the guy that, 'If you cheat on me I'll shoot you'."

Watch the video interview above to find out what Kesha had to say about her animals and why the Rising Star producers "should know I don't have a filter."