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Kid Cudi Makes Changes To His Album... Again!

The rapper wants to make it more dark than his previous work...

Hotly-tipped rapper Kid Cudi has decided to change the name of his album yet again, and has said that he wants to change it's whole sound and vibe.

The new offering is now set to have a much darker feel to it, something which Cudi hasn’t done before.

Kid Cudi blogged: “I took a step back, went on tour, and realized I'm where at because of the type of songs I write.  Every time I read a comment from someone saying I've touched their lives in some way is what made me want to stop f**king around and continue pouring my life into my music.”

Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager is due for release in August and will apparently feature the likes of Chip Tha Ripper, RATATAT and Dot Da Genius.