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Klaxons Interview

EXCLUSIVE: The new-rave kings talk about their plans to work with Dr Dre and new single Its Not Over Yet

Klaxons burst onto the scene in a flash of neon colours when the lightning paced Gravitys Rainbow came out.

Some hacks coined the term new-rave though in truth the gorgeous harmonies and great production on their album Myths Of The Near Future are much more.

On June 28 they release single Its Not Over Yet backed with a cover of Justin Timberlakes My Love. We caught up with the young trio recently

Alright boys, Have you been surprised by your success?

James (Righton): We havent been in England for a couple of months so we dont know how successful we are.

Jamie (Reynolds): (telling James) We are successful and weve sold a lot of records. Were not surprised by it though cos we wanted it and we asked for it.

Why did you decide to cover Its Not Over Yet?

Jamie: Its a love song that seems to touch people. They have an affinity with it and people get carried away with it.

James: All of us just thought it was a great pop song in general. A lot of the great acts over time have put a cover on their debut album too. We all knew the song but we didnt stick to the original its like with My Love as well we did our own thing.

Why did you want to cover Justin Timberlakes My Love?

Jamie: It was the biggest pop single for a long time and we like that world.

James: But it (also) has indie cred. Theres no snobbery about it. Its not embarrassing to say you like it- Its the same as Cant Get You Out Of My Head.

Simon (Taylor-Davis): Or Britney Spears Toxic.

Is it true you want Dr Dre to produce your second album?

Jamie: We are actively trying to get him to produce us.

James: And its looking promising. In the US were signed to the same label as him Interscope. Its all family! The head Jimmy Iovine and Snoop Dogg have heard our record and we know they like it.

James: We wont get him to do the entire record. We want to do a stand alone single and if we did a couple of tracks with Dr Dre that would be a dream come true.

Simon: Unless it sounds like The Hives track with Timbaland.

James: We wont approach it in a traditional way.

Jamie: It has to be taken to the next level.

Are there any other producers in mind for the second album?

James: Tony Visconti is a fan, he saw us play in New York. Hes made some incredible records in the past so wed like him to collaborate with James Ford.

Youve worked with Chemical Brothers on a track (All Rights Reserved) for their new album?

Jamie: We turned up having not been to bed with a song that wed hummed into a mobile phone and talking about combining that with a cover of a Pink Floyd song.

We were embarrassed but they were very nice and patient and we wrote the track with them over the evening.

Were you fans?

James: Oh yeah theyre awesome.

Jamie: They turned us on to dance music and clubbing.

Whats gonna happen with your dance tent performance at Glastonbury?

James: Carnage

Jamie: Really nice visuals, smoke and mirrors. Our video director Saam has done it all he knows what live shows need and its very simple.

There may be some additions from James Ford but we didnt get a chance to rework the album cos weve been touring.

What are your thoughts for the next album?

Jamie: It just has to be next level and expansive. Weve gotta take what weve done and expand it times 10. Well have to keep ahead.

Who are your typical fans?

Jamie: 14 year old girls and lads. In France its chilled there are 50 year old men in suits that turn up straight from work and really get into it.

What are your ambitions?

James: Just to make that next level album.

Jamie: To tour the band round the world so that other people get into us.

Simon: We havent been on tour for a few weeks and we miss it. Its fun.

James: everything is just a great crazy ride.

Its Not Over Yet/ My Love is out June 25

Tom Thorogood