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Kylie Musical Due In 2012

A musical of her life is set to open in London’s West End…

Kylie Minogue is preparing a musical based on her long career which should be ready by next year.

Her creative director and stylist, William Baker, is co-writing the show with the Aphrodite star. "We're both working on the Kylie musical, using all her songs, which will hopefully be done next year some time. I can't wait!"

The Spinning Around singer added: "It's definitely happening. We've brought a scriptwriter in and are working on a few synopses.

But she admitted she was wary about reaction from the critics to the stage show. “Music critics are one thing but theatre critics are something else. I suppose if it doesn't work then that's it – it's a closed book.

As for a venue, "I think it will be here,” she said, meaning London’s West End.

The pop princess is midway through her second American tour, after finally playing the country for the first time in 2009. She is playing smaller venues to crowds of around 3,000, but has spared no expense bringing the full Aphrodite Les Folies stage spectacle to the US.

Kylie is also up for an Ivor Novello songwriting award for All The Lovers in the Most Performed Work category. The 42-year-old is up against Plan B and Scouting For Girls; the winners are announced on 19 May.

The Spice Girls are also planning a similar musical which is also expected to open in 2012. Like ABBA musical Mamma Mia, the storyline will be based on the lyrics of Spice Girls songs rather than the band’s personal experiences.