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Kylie's Bono Moment

The returning princess of pop gets playful with big kid Bono...

After the amazing opening night of her rescheduled 'Showgirl' tour on Saturday (November 11), Kylie wowed again on night two by welcoming U2's Bono on stage with her.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the company of greatness tonight," Kylie told her audience at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, "Let me hear it for Bono."

The crowd went wild as the starry twosome launched into a rendition of her duet with Robbie Williams, 'Kids'.

Bono was in town on the Australian leg of U2's world tour but he put just as much oomph into his performance with Kyles as he did the night before with his own band, telling Ms Minogue - dressed in cute all-in-one leopard outfit - that she was "purrrfect".

After the tune he got down on his knee and kissed Kylie's hand.

It was just another awe-inspiring moment in Kylie's return to the stage. Fans have inundated her official website message board with impressive reviews and touching tales.

One wrote, "I had tears in my eyes when she came out, pretty much for the most of the show, as did many people. She just stood there taking in all the atmosphere, and she got a standing ovation which just lasted for so long. She was emotional you could tell."

It's great to have Kylie back. Meanwhile, we have to ask - if she's having Robbie over for Christmas dinner as we reported last week does this mean she now has to extend the invite to Bono and the rest of U2 too?

That will be one busy dinner table...