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La Roux 'Not Bothered' About Rihanna Collab

She is more interested in how she is on the phone...

Elly Jackson of La Roux fame has recently revealed that a potential duet with Rihanna fell through after Ri was assaulted by Chris Brown. But Elly isn't too bothered about it, as she explained to NME:

"I've had three or four offers for collaborations in America. Big, big artists. Rihanna was very interested for a time. That was weird. My A&R man said, 'Rihanna's gonna call!’

"That was the last I heard of it. She didn't call! It was around the time of, er, troubles in her life. To be honest, do I really want to work with Rihanna? Not really. I'm more interested in what the phone call would be like."