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Lady GaGa Engagement Rumours 'Untrue'

Pop icon's sparkly ring snap was just a prank apparently...

Sources close to Lady GaGa are reported to have quashed rumours that she has got engaged, after a jokey snap on her photographer's website led to news stories worldwide.

Famous photographer Terry Richardson has been publishing a host of pictures from GaGa's tour - which is currently in Japan - including one of her pointing at a sparkler on her engagement ring finger and looking delighted.

It was accompanied with the caption: "Gaga showing off her new engagement ring!"

Understandably, the image led to speculation that she had got back together with Taylor Kinney - the actor BF with whom she recently parted ways.

But US gossip site TMZ reckons that sources close to GaGa have insisted that she is not engaged and the ring has no real meaning.

We told you a few days ago how GaGa is on the edge of cartoon glory with a forthcoming cameo in long-running animated comedy series The Simpsons.