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Lady GaGa Shoots 'Marry The Night' Video

Extras on the shoot were dressed as ballerinas and hospital patients…

Lady GaGa has spent the last few days shooting the video for her next single Marry The Night.

The Edge of Glory singer has been shooting at various locations across New York with extras dressed as ballerinas and hospital patients, among other things. 


For one scene GaGa is dressed in black with a short blonde wig as she dances on the roof of a car in the pouring rain, before rolling around on the car’s hood.

Another scene, shot in Harlem, saw the star performing with male dancers as she wore a long-sleeve red dress. In another, she’s in a skimpy black bra and hot-pants combo with over-the-knee boots.

The Judas hitmaker also shot parts of the video in the Botanical Gardens in the Staten Island area of the city, and our US Team spoke to the garden’s CEO, Lynn Kelly.

"We found both her and her crew to be easy to work with and low-key," she said of GaGa. "I think we would have expected a lot of drama, and the truth is, she is probably the most down-to-earth person. It was endearing. She was friendly and kind.

"I think, for us, we're so excited to have someone of her talent, and to have somebody like that shoot here is a sheer honour," she continued. "What her music does for music is so much more than entertainment. It's connecting to the arts on a much deeper level, and that's what I hope we can do here." Lady GaGa’s mother and sister were on the set to support the star.

While she's been in New York, GaGa has been spotted with her rumoured new boyfriend, Vampire Diaries star Taylor Kinney.