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Lily Is GaGa's Number 1

Lady GaGa is set to lose her chart crown to Lily Allen this week - and she's happy about it....

After two weeks at the top of the singles chart with catchy electro pop track Just Dance, Lady GaGa is set to be dethroned this weekend by Lily Allens Fear.

Having completed the third of three nights in London supporting the Pussycat Dolls, the 22-year-old New Yorker held her official afterparty at trendy West End hotspot Maya where she spoke exclusively to MTV News about going into battle with Miss Allen.

She revealed "Im very familiar with Lilys music and good job Lily for knocking me off. There always deserves to be a female on top and I dont want to be the only one to do it."

More than just girl power, it seems Lady G cares about the pop world, saying "I think generally that pop music is making an enormous comeback and Im actually very pleased with Lily Allen's new record as its decidedly pop."

Not deterred by the statuesque dancers flanking our interviewee, we asked her to clear up a couple of rumours doing the rounds online...

MTV : Did you really turn down the chance to be in The Pussycat Dolls?

LGG: "That is completely false. Although I told them that if one of them was sick I would make a good stand in for them"

MTV: Do you really cook in just stilettos and underwear?

LGG: "Oh yeah, thats true!"

We look forward to the dinner invite....