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Lady Leshurr Loves Lil Wayne

The MC wants Weezy for her musical Valentine...

In a recent interview with Jay-Z’s website, Birmingham MC Lady Leshurr spoke about her fascination with Young Money’s head honcho Lil Wayne.

She said: "Lil Wayne, I just love him! I used to love Eminem the same, but then he left. See, I listen to music like it’s a relationship. You listen to the music, and you're feeling their pain and going through their journey.

"I think so deep when it comes to music and I can only listen to one artist at a time. When Eminem left, I wasn’t listening to anybody. When I heard Lil Wayne, the passion just came back. He’s just amazing!"

She added: "People won’t understand how much love I’ve got for Lil Wayne as a person. After watching him in interviews and stuff, he’s just so different from anyone else I've seen, he answers questions so weirdly.

"I think he’s just mad, but he gets away with it (laughs). I love him and what he’s made of himself and created. He’s just an incredible artist."

You can read the interview in full here.

The pint-sized rhymer recently released her new EP, 2000 And L, which you can download for free now at