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Diddy Paid Quiet Visit To Lil Wayne

The mogul apparently went unnoticed…

Diddy wasn’t recognised by prison guards when he went to visit Lil Wayne in prison yesterday, it’s been revealed.

A source at the rapper’s Rikers Island Prison told MTV News US that the a-list rapper and mogul slipped it unnoticed.
The insider said: “No one knew [he was here] until it was time for him to leave. You know, also, a lot of the time people don't want to seem like they're stargazers, the officers.”
Of Weezy’s time inside the same source said: “It's just day-to-day business, nothing different than anything else.
“You got to understand, this is a different type of atmosphere. It's not like the prisons where you go upstate, to Sing Sing or places like that. This is a medium-security [population], not maximum security.”
Earlier this week the Lollipop star- whose real name is Dwayne Carter- was caught with an MP3 player and headphones in his cell.