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Lily Allen Back In The Studio With Greg Kurstin

It seems The Fear singer has turned her back on retirement after all...

Lily Allen has revealed that she's back in the studio with producer, Greg Kurstin.

Despite having retired from showbusiness, the Not Fair singer confirmed the news during a conversation with Popjustice editor Peter Robinson on Twitter.

Allen stated on the mirco-blogging site that she thought singer Kate Nash's musical comeback track Under-Estimate The Girl was "pretty cool", leaving Robinson to quip: "It's better than no music at all isn't it. ISN'T IT LILY."

The 27-year old then replied: "You will be pleased to know that i am currently in the f**king studio with @GregKurstin so SHUT UP PETER!"

Lily then added: "No big deal really, im just throwing s**t at the wall and seeing if anything sticks."

The star has previously worked with Kurstin on her debut LP Alright, Still, while he also fully produced 2009's It's Not Me, It's You.

Back in April, Allen was reportedly seen at RAK Studios in St. John Woods, fuelling speculation that she was writing music again.

A source told The Daily Star Sunday at the time: "Lily has been in the studio trying different sounds and writing new tracks.

"She's not at a stage where she can start recording but the new album is definitely under way and there's a chance it could be released early next year."

Lily's pal Professor Green recently told that he hoped to make another record with Allen in the near future, stating: "I’d love to work with Lily again on something original because obviously, we done Just Be Good To Green but the words were sampled.

"I’d love to do something that we both sat down and wrote together. Just generally get her out of retirement, drag her kicking and screaming."