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Lily’s Bitter Sweet Smile

Singer reveals the secret behind her hit

Lily Allen has named and shamed the bloke who broke her heart and inspired her No.1 hit, Smile.

She wrote the song in the Priory Clinic while suffering from depression after her first love, Lester Lloyd, binned her when she was just 18. "I was really young and in love," she tells The Sun. "I fell to pieces " trying to make him take me back, trying to make it work.

"I started to get depressed and anyone who suffers from depression knows that it can soon get so bad that you can't get out of bed. It was then that I checked into the Priory. That was really tough as I was an emotional mess."

But it was Lily that had the last laugh. "The lyrics are definitely bitter-sweet," she adds. "Of course, I never thought the record would chart - I didnt even think Id get a record contract."