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Did Lindsay Lohan And Pauly D Make Out?

Troubled actress reported to have hooked up with Jersey Shore star...

Lindsay Lohan and Jersey Shore star Pauly D are claimed to have enjoyed a romantic encounter in the show's early days, according to his co-star Snooki.

Speaking to Celebuzz, Snooki (real name Nicole Polizzi) recalled Li-Lo and Pauly (real name Paul DelVecchio) getting friendly on a night out in Los Angeles to promote the show's first series.

She said: "It was the first time in LA and I feel like she was flirting with Pauly - and I feel like they made out."

But she dismissed any thought that a romance might have blossomed between the pair, adding: "It was, like, three years ago."

And Snooki also stuck up for Li-Lo, who has been having a tough time of it lately.

"Personally, I like Lindsay," she continued. "I think she's a fun girl and she's made a few mistakes and people think she's the devil for it."