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Lindsay Lohan On That Leaked 'Sex List'

Actress claims that personal document was part of her AA recovery programme...

Lindsay Lohan has opened up about THAT famous list of her claimed celebrity conquests.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the troubled 28-year-old actress said she had written the list as part of her Alcoholics Anonymous process - and that it had been meant to stay private.

"I wrote it when I was at the Betty Ford clinic," she explained.

"Writing that was one of my steps in AA. The anonymity of that should never have been leaked - someone stole that and put it out.

"And that's a really cruel thing to do."

But even though stars including Adam Levine and James Franco have denied doing the dirty with her, she stood by the names on the list.

"It's a really personal thing that you do with one other person and no one ever sees it.

"So, that really hurt."

She also pledged that she would "never" include details of her sex life in her forthcoming memoir - which may disappoint some fans.

And she said she was happy to have missed seeing the now-infamous bust-up between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber in Ibiza.

"I was there, but I didn't see it," she said.

"It was all behind me and I didn't turn around! I wouldn't turn around and I couldn't be happier that I missed it.

"I was like 'Oh, thank god I'm not involved!'"

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