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Michael Lohan 'Wants Conservatorship For Lindsay'

He doesn't want the job & insists mother Dina can't be her conservator either...

Michael Lohan reportedly wants a judge to appoint a conservator for daughter, Lindsay Lohan.

The move comes after he is said to have staged an intervention at LiLo's LA home on Friday (19th October) after claiming the Mean Girls actress had relapsed.

TMZ reports that Michael believes Lindsay is abusing drugs again and that she is also spending time with the wrong people.

The website adds that Lohan will speak to his lawyers later this week, but claims he does not want to act as the 26-year old's conservator himself.

It is thought that Michael has no interest in running her finances as he fears people will think he wants to control her wealth, but is said to have insisted that Lindsay's mother Dina cannot be her conservator either.

Speaking to reporters outside Lindsay's home during the intervention last week, Michael stated: "Lindsay needs help...I'm not going to stand for this any more. She has to get better. I'm not going to watch my daughter die."

Lindsay's father is also apparently seeking family therapy, with the hope that the conservator will convince his ex-wife Dina to join the sessions.

However, Dina was said to be "disgusted" by his recent actions, telling TMZ: "This sole act by my ex was not an intervention nor was this extreme antic sanctioned by any member of Lindsay's family or her professional team of handlers.

"It's all about her father obsessed with making a name for himself in the news once again. It's sad and I hope he stops masquerading as her father in public and starts acting like one in private."