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Jacko Wants Leona For 02 Concerts

The King of Pop apparently wants the X Factor star to perform with him in London…

Michael Jackson reportedly wants Leona Lewis to join him on his This Is It tour in the summer. 

According to The Sun- the 50 year old pop star claimed that Leona would be the ‘perfect replacement’ for his sister Janet on the 1995 hit single Scream.
The source said: “Michael has a list of singers he feels could do Janet justice - and Leona is top.”
"She's massive all around the world and he feels this duet would give both their careers an even bigger boost."
Lewis is not the only star Jacko wants to join him in London. It was reported last week that he is hoping Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears will also be involved in the concerts.
One person that will not be joining Jacko in his epic shows is Mr. Lionel Richie.
The former Commodores front man has reportedly said Jacko should concentrate on singing, not an elaborate performance claiming: “He's not that 25-year-old or 30-year-old anymore so he will have to discover some things about himself that he didn't quite want to face up to I'm sure…”
Richie continued: "Whether you moonwalk or skywalk or float in from the back of the stage, that's all extra added attractions, but the most important thing is to pick up the microphone and sing Thriller, that's all that matters.”
It seems Lionel isn’t bothered by Jacko’s extravagance or maybe he just couldn’t get tickets like the rest of us…