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Michael Jackson Unhappy With 50 Date Tour

Jacko is ‘angry’ about O2 run…

Michael Jackson has finally spoken up about his phenomenal 50 date tour in London.

It’s that time of day again where Jackson’s health is doubted with regards to his ‘This Is It’ show.

According to ‘The Sun’ Jackson has openly admitted that he does not feel physically fit enough to carry out all dates of his show.

"I don't know how I'm going to do 50 shows. I'm not a big eater - I need to put some weight on."

Signing up for 50 dates is something that has been heavily questioned and the ‘Invincible’ star blames the O2 Arena for booking him for so many shows.

"I'm really angry with them booking me up to do 50 shows. I only wanted to do ten, and take the tour around the world to other cities, not 50 in one place.”

The tour, which is set to start in July, has already had some of its dates postponed but will be resuming from July 13th.

Jacko - please  ‘Don’t Stop ‘Til (We) Get Enough’!

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