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Miley Cyrus Breaks Down In Tears During Tribute For Dog Floyd 

Star dedicates the Fleetwood Mac tune Landslide to her pet pooch, who passed away yesterday...

It was always going to be an emotional night for Miley Cyrus, with the star breaking down in tears on stage when dedicating a song to her pet pooch Floyd - who died suddenly yesterday (April 2).

Following a string of heartfelt tweets after his passing, the Adore You singer issued an apology in advance to crowds at her Bangerz show in Boston, with the 21-year old taking a moment to remember her pet by dedicating a song to him during her set last night.

The clearly-choked up twerker addressed her fans, saying: "It's gonna be hard for me on this next song. I'm not sounding myself, I don't feel myself. But I just wanna do one song.

"I'm sure you guys already know, but the reason that I'm so upset is my dog, I shouldn't say he was my favourite but he was my favourite, he passed away. I just wanna do a song for him."

Miley went on: "We used to always listen to Fleetwood Mac together, it's his favourite song…so I wanna do this song for Floyd. This song is 'Landslide'."

Miley Cyrus - Adore You [Parental Advisory]

Despite being very emotional, Mi-Cy managed to finished the song, later taking to Twitter to continue to mourn the Alaskan Klee Kai, writing: "I miss him so much.

"What you don't understand is he's not in a better place the best place he could be was with me... where he was loved more than anything."

She then posted a screen grab of The Flaming Lips track Feeling Yourself Disintegrate, accompanying the pic with the caption: "Love in our life is just too valuable to feel for even a second without it. But life without death is just impossible."