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    Queen V: A Geordie Girl's Love...

    There's no time to mourn Charlotte's departure. Vicky and Ricci's nocturnal spooning is interrupted by an unexpected visitor. Gary and James are quick to get their kit off! (S2, ep3) [S]

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    Queen V: A Geordie Girl's Love...

    It's the final few days of spring break. The house is rocked by the loss of yet another member. In the last hours, to the disbelief of everyone, Ricci plans his proposal to Vicky. (S3, ep8) [S]

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    Big Tips Texas

    The girls figure out who started the rumour about Mimi. The girls prepare for the biggest night of the year where they must wear anything but clothes. (S1, ep5) [S]

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    Big Tips Texas

    Mimi becomes an honorary veteran. Chance tells Morgan she needs to focus more on barrel racing and quit Redneck. Morgan and Amber come to blows at the fanciest restaurant in town. (S1, ep6) [S]

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    MTV Cribs

    Plasma TV screens? Yes! Over-the-top bathrooms? Yes! Huge hot tubs? Yes! MTV Cribs has it all! Enjoy an all-access personal tour of celebrity homes - and they won't even call the police! Go to MTV Cribs

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    We check out the lifestyles of the rich and famous now as we're cordially invited into the homes of the some of the biggest stars on the planet! [S]

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    Teen Mom

    Dr. Drew visits Amber in prison to find out how the teen mom is adjusting to life behind bars. [S] Go to Teen Mom

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    16 And Pregnant

    This West Virginia cheerleader is having twins with a boy she was dating for one month. If that wasn't hard enough, she develops health issues that put the babies' lives at risk. (S2, ep8) [S] Go to 16 And Pregnant

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    Teen Mom 2

    Jenelle finds out she's pregnant and decides to terminate her pregnancy. Kailyn has her baby shower. Leah struggles with Ali's medical diagnosis. Chelsea deals with Adam having another baby. (S5, ep1) [S] Go to Teen Mom 2

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    Teen Mom 2

    Jenelle recovers from her abortion and meets a new guy. Chelsea has her first day of Esthetician School. Kailyn and Jo fight about her move to Delaware. (S5, ep2) [S] Go to Teen Mom 2

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    Teen Mom 2

    Leah learns that Ali will need to use a wheelchair. Jo and Kailyn fight about Isaac's scheduled drop off because Jo is late. Jenelle and her new boyfriend Nathan decide to move in together. (S5, ep3) [S] Go to Teen Mom 2

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    Teen Mom 2

    Jenelle moves in with Nathan in Myrtle Beach. Chelsea invites Adam to go with her to pick Aubree up from her first day of pre-school. Kailyn and Javi put an offer on a house in Delaware. (S5, ep4) [S] Go to Teen Mom 2

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    Teen Mom 2

    Jenelle and Nathan decide to have a baby together. Kailyn and Javi move into their new home. Corey comes to terms with Ali's wheelchair. Chelsea decides to celebrate turning 22. (S5, ep5) [S] Go to Teen Mom 2

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    Teen Mom 2

    Chelsea throws Aubree's 4th birthday party. Jenelle and Nathan get excited when they think they're pregnant. Jeremy returns home to Leah and the girls after passing out at work. (S5, ep6) [S] Go to Teen Mom 2

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    Teen Mom 2

    Kailyn is overwhelmed and has a major meltdown. Leah and Jeremy meet with Corey and his wife to discuss Ali starting school early. Aubree meets Adam's new baby. (S5, ep7) [S] Go to Teen Mom 2

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    Teen Mom 2

    Chelsea gets upset when Adam sends her a visitation request. Barbara and Nathan have a blowout after Jenelle has surgery. Leah and Corey support Ali on her first day of school. (S5, ep 8) [S] Go to Teen Mom 2

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    Teen Mom 2

    Chelsea takes Aubree to her first dance class. Jenelle and Barbara argue about Barb's blowout with Nathan. Kailyn breaks down when she realizes her mom won't be at her wedding. (S5, ep 9). [S] Go to Teen Mom 2

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    Teen Mom 2

    Kailyn and Javi finally celebrate their wedding. Chelsea graduates and lands a job. Jenelle accepts a plea that puts her on supervised probation. Jeremy declines a local job. (S5, ep10) [S] Go to Teen Mom 2

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    Teen Mom 2

    Javi takes Isaac to Jo's for the first time. Adam responds to Chelsea's visitation objection. Ali tests out her wheelchair while Leah continues to struggle with Jeremy being away. (S5, ep11) [S] Go to Teen Mom 2

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    Teen Mom 2

    Kailyn's baby is born. Chelsea struggles with the new visitation agreement. Leah and Jeremy work on their relationship. Jenelle is pregnant but things are on edge after Nathan's DUI arrest. (S5, ep12) [S] Go to Teen Mom 2

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    Teen Mom 2

    Javi goes back to work. Jo moves to a new apartment. Jenelle worries as things with Nathan worsen. Chelsea hears major news about Adam. Leah discovers the cause of Ali's muscular dystrophy. (S5, ep13) [S] Go to Teen Mom 2

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    Geordie Shore

    Charlotte and Gary come together after she returns from a showdown with her boyfriend. Vicky struggles to convince Marnie to take work seriously, and the claws are out in a screaming match. (S9, ep4) [S] Go to Geordie Shore

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    Queen V: A Geordie Girl's Love...

    As their time in Sydney comes to an end, the singles make it their mission to have a great night out. Vicky and Dan have a never ending date. Will Gary and Charlotte get closure? (S6, ep8) [S]

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    Queen V: A Geordie Girl's Love...

    The fifth ex arrives to surprise Vicky and Ross. Things look increasingly bad for Talitha. There's a shock departure which leaves everyone panicking over whose ex is next?‚Äč (S1, ep4) [S]