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    Jersey Shore

    After a night at the clubs, Pauly and Mike have to juggle multiple groups of girls. And mayhem breaks out when a fight erupts at a bar, and one of the housemates goes down. (S1, ep4) [S] Go to Jersey Shore

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    Geordie Shore

    The 'cheer us all up' party ends in carnage as Charlotte tries to move on and the boys exchange blows. Vicky and Ricci make their relationship official with jaw dropping consequences... (S2, ep5) [S] Go to Geordie Shore

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    Actor and comedian Mike Epps and Rob watch people "Getting Zombied," stuffing food in unlikely places to "Save it for Later" and ponder who is most deserving of "Bond or Burial" money. (S4, ep7) [S] Go to Ridiculousness

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    Internet sensation Jenna Marbles and Rob breakdown the web's best "Face Lookers," people whose injuries are "Selfie Inflicted" and the recent "Nerf-pocalypse." (S4, ep8) [S] Go to Ridiculousness

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    MTV Cribs

    Plasma TV screens? Yes! Over-the-top bathrooms? Yes! Huge hot tubs? Yes! MTV Cribs has it all! Enjoy an all-access personal tour of celebrity homes - and they won't even call the Police! Go to MTV Cribs

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    We check out the lifestyles of the rich and famous now as we're cordially invited into the homes of the some of the biggest stars on the planet! [S]

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    Teen Cribs

    First join brothers Chris and Kyle as they give us a tour of their Las Vegas lair, then head out to California to check out the quirky crib of David, Chris and Nick. Series 2, Episode 11. [S]

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    Teen Cribs

    See Devon's computerized crib full of gadgets. And at Sacha, Todd and Kendall's Utah ranch full of animals, you might want to think twice before you take a ride on the donkey. Series 2, Episode 12. [S]

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    Teen Mom

    Drew Part 2. Maci drops a bombshell about her relationship with Kyle, and shares the stage for the first time with Ryan's new girlfriend. Gary reflects on his journey with Amber. [S] Go to Teen Mom

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    Time's Up

    Sparkle is leaving Chicago and her boyfriend Martial behind. She's moving to New York to make it big in the music industry. Will Martial be willing to make a long distance relationship work? (S1, ep7) [S]

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    Time's Up

    Natasha is going to college for funeral service education hours away from Frank, her boyfriend. Frank says he loves Natasha but with no car to visit her, Natasha has doubts it will work out. (S1, ep8) [S]

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    Teen Mom 2

    Jenelle finds out she's pregnant and decides to terminate her pregnancy. Kailyn has her baby shower. Leah struggles with Ali's medical diagnosis. Chelsea deals with Adam having another baby. (S5, ep1) [S] Go to Teen Mom 2

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    Teen Mom 2

    Jenelle recovers from her abortion and meets a new guy. Chelsea has her first day of Esthetician School. Kailyn and Jo fight about her move to Delaware. (S5, ep2) [S] Go to Teen Mom 2

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    Teen Mom 2

    Leah learns that Ali will need to use a wheelchair. Jo and Kailyn fight about Isaac's scheduled drop off because Jo is late. Jenelle and her new boyfriend Nathan decide to move in together. (S5, ep3) [S] Go to Teen Mom 2

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    Teen Mom 2

    Jenelle moves in with Nathan in Myrtle Beach. Chelsea invites Adam to go with her to pick Aubree up from her first day of pre-school. Kailyn and Javi put an offer on a house in Delaware. (S5, ep4) [S] Go to Teen Mom 2

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    Teen Mom 2

    Jenelle and Nathan decide to have a baby together. Kailyn and Javi move into their new home. Corey comes to terms with Ali's wheelchair. Chelsea decides to celebrate turning 22. (S5, ep5) [S] Go to Teen Mom 2

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    Teen Mom 2

    Chelsea throws Aubree's 4th birthday party. Jenelle and Nathan get excited when they think they're pregnant. Jeremy returns home to Leah and the girls after passing out at work. (S5, ep6) [S] Go to Teen Mom 2

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    Teen Mom 2

    Kailyn is overwhelmed and has a major meltdown. Leah and Jeremy meet with Corey and his wife to discuss Ali starting school early. Aubree meets Adam's new baby. (S5, ep7) [S] Go to Teen Mom 2

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    The Ex and The Why

    Lexi broke up with her ex Chris and wants a second chance. Andrew cheated on Laura and wants forgiveness. (S1, ep1) [S]

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    The Ex and The Why

    When Jess found out that Hannah cheated on her she ran away to Alaska, but now wants her back. Blake broke up with Carmen, his first love, but now realizes he made a mistake. (S1, ep2) [S]

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    The Ex and The Why

    Elizabeth broke up with Adam because of his jealousy. He realizes that she is the one and wants to propose to her. Diamond cheated on Altone and realizes she lost the love of her life. (S1, ep3) [S]

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    The Ex and The Why

    Tyler dated Internet Celebrity Chris Crocker, but things went south. He wants another chance. April moved to Calfornia to be with Armani but it didn't work out. She wants to rekindle things. (S1, ep4) [S]

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    The Ex and The Why

    Brittany ended things with Matthew as she felt he'd lost motivation in life. Now she realizes she's made a mistake. Mandi and Kevin broke up after constant fighting. She wants to try again. (S1, ep5) [S]

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    2014 VMAs Revealed

    This special will break down big VMA surprises from 2011 and 2013 through the eyes of producers, directors and artists who were there.

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    Plain Jane

    Plain Jane is stuck in a rut, she needs Louise to help her find the confidence to tell crush Richard how she feels. (S3, ep11) [S] Go to Plain Jane

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    Teen Mom 2

    Kailyn is overwhelmed and has a major meltdown. Leah and Jeremy meet with Corey and his wife to discuss Ali starting school early. Aubree meets Adam's new baby. (S5, ep7) [S] Go to Teen Mom 2

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    Geordie Shore

    Aaron hears Vicky and the girls slagging him off on the eve of his third date with Vicky. And while the lads are out, the girls get a surprise as new boy Kyle arrives to join the family. (S8, ep5) Go to Geordie Shore

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    Virgin Territory

    Anna dumps her boyfriend for hottie Alex. Luke struggles to avoid temptation at college. Kyle has to decide whether or not to lose his V-card to home-town girl Amanda. (S1, ep3) [S] Go to Virgin Territory

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    Geordie Shore

    There's more Magaluf madness as the gang struggle to get along. Under the watchful eye of Charlotte and Vicky, Gary continues to charm the ladies, and Holly rocks another wet t-shirt contest! [S] Go to Geordie Shore