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MTV Rocks

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    Slipknot: Top 10

    Slipknot are back with their first song in six years. Stay tuned for their top 10 videos and be sure to check out the insane new video for "The Negative One" here!

  • 02:00

    All Night Session

    MTV ROCKS gets you through the night with the most awesome sounds and all the hottest bands you could ever need.

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  • 06:00

    Wake Up With Rocks

    The only way to kick start your day the right way, with a mix of great tracks from legendary artists.

  • 08:00

    Let There Be #Rocktober: 2014

    October is the most rocking month of the year. It's time for #Rocktober! The month where we play nothing but supersize axe wielding anthems and roaring riffs so turn up the volume to Rock!

  • 10:00

    Foo Fighters The Official Top 10

    Join us as we count down the Foos' ten best-selling singles to date according to official sales figures. Expect classics like Best of You, Everlong and All My Life. But which will be number 1?

  • 11:00

    MCR Vs The World

    MCR takes on all comers now as they go back to back with some of the biggest acts on the planet!

  • 13:00

    QOTSA: Evolution Of

    If Only there was a way to watch a brief history of Queens Of The Stone Age... Wait, there is! Here's ten tracks from one of rock's greatest bands, don't blame us if they get stuck In Your Head!

  • 14:00

    Brody Dalle's Kings & Queens Of Rock

    Expect anthems from Queens Of The Stone Age, Nirvana and Brody herself.

  • 16:40

    Biggest! Hottest! Loudest!

    Listen to the most awesome tracks from the hottest bands that are rocking our world right now!

  • 17:00

    Deftones Vs System Of A Down Vs Limp Bizkit

    Up now we have a three way video battle between these heavy rockers. Expect nothing but speaker-rattling rock anthems!

  • 19:00

    You Me At Six: Sixers Takeover

    You Me At Six are taking over MTV with help from the Sixers! The band are taking video requests and answering your questions. Ever wondered what kind of shark Josh would be?! Stay tuned to find out!

  • 21:00

    Saturday Night #Rocktober Rampage!

    Your Saturday night starts right here with an explosion of pure epic rockness! It's Saturday night #Rocktober rampage!