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Mumford & Sons 'Working On Third Album'

Band reported to have been paying secret visits to recording studio...

When Mumford & Sons announced that they were going on hiatus last September, it didn't look like we'd be seeing any new material from them any time soon.

There was talk of a break from music for "a considerable amount of time" and no activity "for the foreseeable future".

But now it looks like the foursome might have been missing life as a band, because The Sun reports that they are already working on their third album.

The paper claims that they have been holding hush-hush sessions at the Eastcote Studios in West London - where they recorded their 2009 debut Sigh No More.

A source told the paper: "It's still very early days because they've been enjoying their down time. But very early work and sessions have begun quietly on album number three.

"They haven't announced anything officially because they don't want to be under lots of pressure.

"At this point it's still more likely the album will be released at some point next year – unless things move very quickly."

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